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Your Health,


The aim of the osteopath is to promote true healing by gently dissolving the obstacles hindering our natural, inherent, tendency toward balance, health, and wholeness.


Dr. Corbett has been a specialist in the classic osteopathic approach to health care since 1997. This time honored approach couples modern medical study with hands-on treatment to promote true healing. Osteopathic treatments can restore normal function in areas affected by injuries, physical or emotional trauma, acute or chronic illness, or pregnancy and birth issues.


The gentle and effective diagnosis and treatment of osteopathic manipulative medicine can be helpful in treating many different conditions that have not been helped by past approaches. We welcome your call whether you have been treated in the past by an osteopath or are looking for a new approach to your health concerns.


A Word from Our Patients

I’ve been going to Dr. Corbett for several years now. I would definitely recommend him for chronic muscle or joint pain. He's able to get the muscles and tendons to relax and start healing. For the record, I'm an engineer and a skeptic. This works.

- Martin M.

So impressed with Dr. Corbett! A very gentle and kind man. I had heard how good he is from family members and friends, but still I was pleasantly surprised. After two visits, I can't believe how much he improved my shoulder motion. With the increased shoulder motion, I can now make better progress on strengthening my back, shoulders, neck and arms, through some of the exercises which we discussed. Thanks, Dr. Corbett!

- Jaime T.

I have been seeing Dr Corbett every 2-4 weeks for the last 13 years.  As I approach 85 next month, I truly believe he is the reason I am still able to be mobile, active and healthy - physically and mentally!  He teaches my body how to continue to heal itself so that I can live independently and walk with my dog many miles every day.  He has also helped tremendously several people I have referred to him.  Dr Corbett has magic hands that know every bone and muscle in the body!

I am so grateful to have received such kind, compassionate care from Dr. Corbett. He successfully treated a complicated acute medical problem, and also helped with chronic pain that I never thought could improve. I have recommended Dr. Corbett to both family and friends.

- Sara W.

- Lois L.

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